Bay has moved - 101 13585 16th Avenue

Moving … how quickly we forget!

I have often joked that realtors should have to move every five years so that they can remember what a challenging process it is and can therefore better empathize more with their clients. Well, my office changed locations this past week and I was reminded that moving is no fun and in fact can be very emotional!

We have moved from our location in Windsor Square to a beautiful new office at 101 13585 16th. We are located right at the corner of 136th and 16th. The location is actually closer to my own home and a much easier drive. I love my new office space – it is spacious and easily accommodates me, my business partner, and office assistant. It is also bright and light due to the generous use of glass and natural lighting.

But with a move comes change. My office is not quite as quiet and private as my old one. My regular Starbucks is too far away and so I am trying out the new one at Ocean Park. I have found them to be friendly but it has a very different feel and I miss my old baristas. The little café in our old building has now been supplanted by the coffee shop next door. The view out my window is completely different and the people walking by on the street are from a more residential neighbourhood. None of these are a bad thing and in fact they are all pretty minor but they represent a change and one that needs to be adjusted to.

But the move has made me think of my clients, many of whom are making a much bigger change in moving from one home to another, sometimes in an entirely new city or province. Often times the move is a positive move up but sometimes it is not. My clients are often leaving behind family and friends, taking on new jobs, and/or entering their children in new schools. It can be very exciting but also very overwhelming. Managing these changes as well as the physical move itself can be difficult, stressful, and incredibly demanding on relationships.

So as I adjust slowly to my little move, my heart, thoughts, and best wishes go out to all of my clients making their moves as well. I wish you well and hope that you settle in and find peace and joy in your new locations.
Take care, Kathleen.