Staging Makes A Difference!

Staging makes a difference. Thank you Sandra Hurtly, Sharon Hendrix, and Positive Space Staging

For years I have been telling my sellers that staging your property makes a difference. Our buyers are smitten with home and garden shows and show homes. When they go to look at properties they will often say "Oh I can see past the mess." or "I don't care if it is vacant, I can visualize what it will look like." But the reality is they typically cannot. Time and again, I have seen buyers turn away from homes that don't show well and fall in love with staged homes. 

Well, my seller of 1206 15152 Russell Avenue in the Miramar has seen first-hand the powerful impact of staging his home. This is a great condo, well-priced, and on the market for over a year - vacant. We staged it and ended up selling it within three weeks. Furthermore, we had considerably more interest in those three weeks than we had had over the term of the listing contract. Check out the listing under sold listings. 

Thank you again Sandra, Sharon, and Positive Space Staging. 

PS, they staged my sold listing in Tsawwassen, also under the sold listings. Big or small, they do a great job!